Dealing with anger issues by accepting a bigger capacity


 Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Dealing with anger issues by accepting a bigger capacity”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can bear enough to deal with anger issue, some people choose to drink alcohol as a short diversion from anger issue and some people consume antidepressant for releasing the pain, it is not good option because drinking habit will increase the intense of anger and antidepressant will make people got addicted, as normal human being, we don't need to argue with our sense of anger, all we need to do is clearing our mind with single clear goal, in order to divert our focus from what causes us angry, we must disengage from the information which can destroy our current focus, here is the truth; "good information will never offer the sensational feeling or the false expectation", remember this; our quality of thinking comes from the qualified information we consume every day, the qualified information always offers new insight or enlightenment which can increase our spiritual experience, if you ask me “what makes people getting angry easily?” here is the answer; people don’t want to let their illusion gets destroyed with new ideology which pushes themselves to grow, from this case, we can conclude; if our perception of reality still creates an illusion, it means, we have dug up the wrong mindset, sometimes we need to accept disappointment from reality to erode our false expectation, starting from now; we must realize that there is no beautiful fact in the world, there is only our interpretation whether we will accept the fact or reject it, in order to break our sense of anger, we must realize that there is no beautiful place in the world until we create a beautiful mind and put it down into our inner world first.


 Now here is the question “can we destroy our anger issue which lies in our subconscious mind? It depends on how strong our commitment to fight the impulse of what makes us angry, the first challenge we need to do if we want to fight the impulse of what makes us anger is we take a note about the piece of bad memory which can evoke our bad feeling most and then we start to embrace a new challenge where we feel regret if we don't finish it, so we can conclude; anger can appear into reality if we always recall our bad memory and we don't increase our inner capacity constantly, do you know what's meaning of capacity? it is part of ability to have more, to give more and to create more, anger will not appear if we always update our capacity with a new deadline goal we insist to do, that’s strategy how to stop producing the impulse of what makes us angry, remember this advice; our reality depends on how we select the information from the outer world, if the information we consume can make us angry easily, it means we learned nothing in the past and we were being opinionated, at this moment I would share several things what causes us angry; here is the first cause why we get angry; we are too concerned about our desire which we are unsure it can be manifested into reality, the best way to heal us from the pain of anger is we must be giving up our personal unfulfilled desire into divine's timing and we keep updating our belief system with the information which can offer us solution, here is the second cause why we get angry; we lack of endurance skill, it means, we don't update our mental acumen with our noble purpose and unpleasant experience, the reason why we lack of having an endurance skill because we always feel secure, here is the truth "as long as we don't know when the time for the pleasure is stopping, it means there is no secure feeling in the world"I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.