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Signs your friend is depressed


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Signs your friend is depressed”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone recognizes about what makes them getting trapped in the depression zone, some people think money will resolve their emotional issue, this method is inefficient, the reason why I say such thing money and emotional are having two different purpose, money is a tool how to serve what people build for their life journey, whereas, emotional is a tool how to synchronize between reason, purpose and intuition, I will give you an example; if someone thinks money is making him gets depressed, he doesn't really have a real problem, he just possesses the potential problem, in order to recognize the source of depression, someone must know how to differentiate between the law of cause and effect, "money is effect, the potential lacking is the main cause", if someone really wants to free himself from a sense of depression, he must help himself by unlearning bad habit and find the information where it can answer his potential usage, remember; habit is the biggest potential which can determine the human's future, if we use habit to pursue our potential, we must promote problem we want to solve, maybe you can contemplate and ask your deepest heart "what makes my life to be more significant than before?", the more you ask yourself how to live more significant, the more you get idea how to implement it into reality, as long as you can't decide what makes your life is more significant, you will get a sense of depression every dayif your service can provide other people's emotional issue every day, you will get pursued by people automatically because your service can educate people how to recognize their problem and also your service can answer people's emotional issueif you exchange your potential by fulfilling human's emotion, you will get the unlimited access to get new information where most people don't get it.  

The symptom of depression is like the breaking egg


 Starting from today, don’t sell your life by pursuing what your soul doesn’t need, what your soul need is peace, you can't get peace if you lack of potential how to make your life is more significant, remember; build a life is like build a house, you have to ensure your house is really offering peace to you, if your house can't give you peace, it means, you build a habit where your soul doesn't need it, at this moment, I would like to share about the sign of depression, here is the first sign of depression; someone doesn't care where his habit leads, if you are trapped in this situation, I would advise you to stop doing something which offers you instant pleasure only, do you know why I say such thing because instant pleasure is the real enemies which can prevent people to gain big potential in the future, here is the second sign of depression; someone always concerns about everything he observes, if you are trapped in this situation, stop spending your reaction to something which doesn't need your reaction, remember; you can’t be happy if you sell your reaction to something unreasoning, we are recognized as human because we need a strong reason to do something meaningful, if we don't have strong reason to do something, it indicates that we don't have a significant goal and our habit has pointed us that we fulfilled a worthless goal, here is the solution; we just need to focus how to build something where it can't be destroyed by instant time, e.g. potential, productive habit, kindness, legacy, here is the third sign of depression; someone compares his major concerns between present and past moment, if you are trapped in this situation, I would advise you to move from where you are now and start offering your own life design to Almighty God, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.