Anger counselling

Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Anger counselling”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people can control their anger and most of them prefer to express a sense of anger rather than stop doing what makes them angry, if we use different perception, showing anger can immobilize the power of logic to find an alternative solution and anger can prevent us to do something productive when we are trapped in emergency situation, now the question; “why our sense of anger is easy to show up automatically? because it tries to avoid reality and willing to prioritize our ego”if we are trapped in situation like that, it indicates that our mental strength can’t adapt with new situation, here is the first aid how to stop growing our sense of anger; distract our focus by looking something attractive and we start counting the number in sequence (1,2,3,..50), we do it until our sense of anger is stoppingthe reason why we need to count the number in sequence because it will help us to activate our logic and also it can break the pattern of anger from its growth, remember this; expressing our anger can’t help us to relieve the pain of disappointment, instead, expressing our anger can make the current situation is getting worse, remember this philosophy “there is nothing can make us angry, unless we want it happens into reality”the outer circumstance is designed to be neutral, it can't destroy us, nor harm us, we only have two options; we express our anger and we will get the pain of disappointment or we express our curiosity to find some meaning in what makes us suffer, here is my recommendation; before you go to psychiatrist about anger counseling, you must promise not to dwell about the past and you don't hate what reality does something to you, that’s only way how to prevent yourself from getting the pain of suffering, the root of problem of a sense of anger is not lies in the pain, but it comes from your misconception towards reality, whether you like it or not with reality, you aren't entitled to change reality, such as the sun and the moon, "don't expect the night appears when the condition is at midday because it runs with scheduled time", it means, you need to correct your misconception about reality because not everything you expect is good for you now and not everything you hate is bad for you now, if you don’t want your emotional intelligence will be driven by your anger all the time, you must limit your focus's wide range and stop making a wishful thinking.

 The key to avoid the pain of anger is accepting reality as self-reflection, not considering reality as self-punishmentonce you understand that what I explain about it, you will start to ponder about the bad consequence of anger, your main job is not to find what makes you angry, but how to find some meaning in your sufferingthe main problem why most people get angry because their tradition is too conservative and can't adapt well with the future's demand, in order to fix this problem, people must ask the question to themselves, “if my own expectation doesn’t match with reality, what I need to change from my perception and tradition?”, here is my recommendation; don't believe with your tradition as long as it can prevent you to learn something simpler in this lifeif tradition always keeps you to stay safe, you must leave it soonthe good tradition is not blocking your vision, instead, it keeps you finding new resource where it never be seen, it never be heard or it never be felt, here is the challenge for your contemplation; even though the situation gets worse, don’t treat reality as enemy, but treat reality as your secretary where she can monitor your progress and it can remind you how to focus in your major role in this lifedon't fight reality, but be responsible to your decisionevery day you must have a specific plan in order to prevent you from getting unknown influence from outer circumstance, here is my special note; if what you desire isn’t manifesting into reality, it indicates you must have the humility to release your desire or wishful thinking from reality, sometimes in every desire lies in the greatest ego where it can prevent you to receive something bigger than your expectation, all you need to do right now is not pushing your desire, but how to align yourself to something awaits your skill or experience, if you already find a value within what you experience, you will get ready to accept bigger consequence and you will not get a chance to get angry because your habit is too busy to support your big purpose, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.