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Anxiety depression disorder


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Anxiety depression disorder”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many of us feel unjust when we don’t get what we want in reality, if we use different perception, “we can’t demand life to empower what we want, but what we can get from life is the lesson to train our body and our mind to adapt with life's uncertainty, please beware using your body, mind and heart because they are the most precious asset to manifest everything we desire into reality”, if we feel unjust because we lack using self-potential to provide something we build in our imagination before it will be manifested into reality, so there is nothing we expect from life until we can offer a long term preparation to life, that’s law of compensation, starting from now, we shouldn't reanimate a life with scarcity of resources, we must fill a life with the feeling of abundance, e.g. optimistic, enthusiasm, and gratitude, remember; life is like a candy machine where it always needs a price before you want to eat a candy, there is nothing free and instant, in this life, you always need a price to manifest what you want in reality, the price includes hard working, dedication, commitment, consistency, rejection, adversity, creativity, and mistakes,  those are the real currency which you need to pay for life, that's how to work with the law of nature, life is about personal responsibility, in order to remove all frustration, depression and anxiety, you must elevate your responsibility by doing more than you are paid for.

  If you just focus on what you obsess without having enough preparation to pay, you indirectly fight the law of nature, I don't recommend it, life doesn’t care about what you feel or what you think about something, life only cares when you leave something precious in the past, e.g. masterpiece, remember; there is nothing change suddenly in life before you start something you never tried before and your accumulation of work is going to change what you don't expect, please be ready to accept what you can't escape from it, in order to salvage your future from being depressed, you must recognize your limitation and your inner strength, that's guarantee to change your inner world, if you accept your flaw, there is nobody else can make you anxiety because you accept yourself wholeheartedly, don’t let outer circumstance will interrupt your excitement life plan, if you believe everything you have in life has been set by God long time ago, it means, you consider God doesn't put your life in the wrong direction, before you get problem in reality, God already measured the capacity of problem in the spiritual space, so you will not get anxiety or depression from problem, only your lacking of resourcefulness will make you feel anxiety, remember; God will not treat unjust to every human, that statement has been mentioned clearly in Holy Quran Surah Yunus 10, verse 44 “Indeed, Allah will not behave unjust a little degree to human, instead Human behave unjust to themselves”, it means, every human has been granted by God with the power of choice to create personal decision and do something for prophesying what human become in the future, the key to change your sense of anxiety is accept your limitation, expand your capacity of self-love and don't regret for what you have done, as long as you can control your behavior, everything is possible for you to do although it seems there is no way, your job is only study, observe and practice, that’s it, if you feel anxiety about what you obsess now, you must let it go away and let your obsession pursues your value, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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