Avoidant personality disorder

Avoidant personality disorder symptom

  Hi good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of health, wealth and happiness, today I would like to share about the topic "avoidant personality disorder", the main reason why I choose that topic because many people get this kind of personality disorder, if you ask me why many people get avoidant personality disorder because they are surrounded by poor mindset and wrong social circle where it has many toxic mindset within social circle, the root of cause why people must have avoidant personality disorder because their habit is handed down by poor upbringing quality where it came from either family or working environmental, or they have built poor philosophy where it teaches them to behave like undeserved person, in order to remove avoidant personality disorder, people mustn't go into social circle where it doesn't have capability to give a good influence, this is first step how to make new transformation journey, as we know together that our habit is accumulated by social circle's habit, if we want to improve our career or good habit, we must encircle ourselves with group of people who can increase our confidence level, maybe we can socialize with new people and go to the favorite place where successful people hang in there, or we can read from the successful biography's book consistently, or we learn from what successful people do for their habit, feeling of inadequacy is very common mistake where it influences people's habit not to get out of the comfort zone, in order to remove feeling of inadequacy; someone's mindset must be trained to make a new mistake as much as he canthis strategy also can be applied when people feel anxiety due to fear of rejection, if people feel anxiety, what they need to do is collecting a new rejection every time they attempted selling something and they recorded their progressive action in the journal. 
The signs of Avoidant personality disorder

  Here is the first strategy how to help people who get avoidant personality disorder; don't mock about their problem, instead help them to recognize their own problem, the personality disorder can be healed as long as we say something good to people who get avoidant personality disorder, here is the second strategy how to help people who get avoidant personality disorder; try to leave a new memory with positive perception when you talk to them, it means, you don't remind them about their past problem, instead, you make a storytelling canvas where it can give people a new mind pattern or enlightenment, remember this advice; positive perception can't occupy together with negative perception in one place, if you can give positive perception to people who get avoidant personality disorder, so you must find a way how to boost their confidence, maybe you can ask them to join a leadership training program, personal development program, etc. here is the third strategy how to help people who get avoidant personality disorder; don't be stiffly when you talk to them, it means, you must adapt with the simple language they understand, if you just explain something where they don't understand about your mean, they will avoid you and they will push you away from their reach, sometimes we need to be rational person when there seems irrational situation, everybody has reason to be good man and everybody has reason to be irrational person, all we need to do if we meet with people who get avoidant personality disorder is we show our personality like a clean mirror for them, so they can look at themselves better than before, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you a new idea how to improve your life, good luck.