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Best antidepressant for elderly


  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Best antidepressant for elderly”, the main reason why I choose that topic because most of us consider thinking negatively is easier than thinking positively, we are educated at school not to think, we are educated at school to memorize the stuff, that's beginning story why we feel difficult to awake our perspective idea to clear our mind from the depression state, the root of problem why we are easily to consume negative information because we lack of enlightenment, life is like a clay, whatever we insist to do, it will become our mindset and what we repeatedly do will become reality, the future we see is projecting what we will become, if we think antidepressant is the best solution to heal depression, our habit will form our future and our habit will form our mind to consume antidepressant until we can’t recognize between problem or godsend, in order to avoid antidepressant addiction, we must not think like 99% people, we may hear about the idiom “every cloud has a silver lining”, it means, every problem has been measured by God to be solved by human, whatever we think, there is no right or wrong from what we think, only conviction can go wrong, sometimes we consider problem can kill our life, in fact, only our poor mindset which can poison our intention and attention at the same time, we should be thankful if we can get problem because not every day we can take new problem, in order to get enlightenment, we must embrace problem and try to adapt with it, if we avoid problem, we are stayed away from enlightenment, that’s make sense.

  The best medicine for reducing depression state for elderly is make the depression state loses its power by delaying the growing process, e.g. we start to distract our attention to something attractive, if we can proceed that, we can immobilize the depression growing process, remember; we will never be able to avoid negativity because we are surrounded by positive and negative energy, we can't avoid a sense of fear because it has positive side if we can use it properly, now imagine if we don't have any fear at all, we will not alert about what we choose because we don't care about more risk and dangerous journey, it could make the worse situation than ever, when we live in this world, we almost can’t avoid negativity because we are surrounded by negative energy and positive energy, our duty is not to blame where negativity comes from, but how we manage our focus and attention to accomplish something enlightened, remember; we are living in the world to educate our mindset to be grown up, not to satisfy our mindset with pleasure and comfort, if we let ourselves vulnerable from pleasure and comfort, as impact, we always hate reality if it doesn't show something we love, life is not about love and hate, life is about understanding about who you are and what you are prophesying, if we don’t intend to direct our focus to find something enlightened, our mind will look for negativity instantly, doing good deeds is difficult to do, but we must insist ourselves to do good deeds in order to reduce the bad effect from negativity, all we need to do is not diminishing negativity, but we understand the power of negative energy which surrounds us every dayif we create the balance between negativity and enlightenment, we will get inner peace, we don’t need to side which positive energy and negative energy is good, if we consume negative information more often than enlightenment information, we get the depression state, but if we consume positive information more often than engaging with new problem, we will get afraid to try something really new from life, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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