Causes of procrastination

Disciplined person doesn't procrastinate

    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “causes of procrastination”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people can’t grow their career or business because they haven’t succeeded to conquer a sense of procrastination in their psychological, at this moment I am going to share about 6 causes of procrastination, hopefully this strategy can help you to detect the sign of procrastination where it can prevent you to do something great in your life career, here is the first cause of procrastination; perfectionism, the reason why people get perfectionism’s habit because they lack of will to know more about life's uncertainty, they are too complacent about what they have done in the past, here is the special note; “the more often people lack of learning to reveal something new, the more often they grow their ego, perfectionism and ignorance within themselves”, remember this advice; perfectionism isn’t genetic, it is part of accumulated bad habit, here is the second cause of procrastination; the fear of unknown, the fear of unknown, it is not caused by lacking self-motivation, but it is caused by lack of mental growth and lack of gratitude, having a clear fearfulness can become self-motivation if it is used to measure our seriousness during achieving the targetthe more we fear of unknown, the more often we dig up the regretful zone, we must remember that life is full of mystery, "we shouldn’t fear to try something, but we should fear of not trying", fear is reflection of self-image in fantasy, not in reality, if we build the lack of trying habit, as result, we make our lives pattern isn’t worthwhile because we get rid of golden opportunity.

The procrastination cycle

  Here is the third cause of procrastination; underestimate about the future, it means, someone commits to become the past believer, not part of the future believer, this is bad habit because someone is too confident about what he perceives, if he is making habit of it, he becomes arrogant / ignorant, we must remember that future is part of self-reflection about what we have done something, if we underestimate about what future shows something to us, as result, we are forced to enjoy the regretful experience over  and over again, here is the fourth cause of procrastination; lack of artificial urgency, it means, someone prefers to stay casual rather than attempting something urgently, we must remember that our time is limited, we can’t demand time how to become us as successful person, but we can demand ourselves to invest something valuable in restricted time until we become successful, remember this; the more we urge ourselves to know something valuable, the more we get feedback from reality, the more we procrastinate to know something valuable, the more we get a life suffering, hopefully it wouldn’t happen to us, here is the fifth cause of procrastination; the unclear target, this is part of common mistake, in order to avoid the unclear target, we must remove our attention from any distraction, then we set clear goal, (date, month, year) in our journal, here is the sixth cause of procrastination; get distracted easily with short term gratification, it means, someone hasn’t had enough reason to do something seriously in their future, "man who has no plan, he plans to fail", only man who has a strong will for living can overcome any distractions, starting from now, please don't let short term gratification gets dangled freely in your mind, such as holding the weekly party with friends, watching TV too much, smoking the cigarette, play gambling in the casino, "do something as if your service were no longer used by God", I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.