Core value

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Core value” the reason why I choose that topic because not everyone knows how to sell core value from their skills to the market place and most of them use their competence to get the minor attraction, it means, people use their competence for bragging, here is my suggestion; don't ever feel enough if you want to sell your skills because you will never know the rate of your competence that can be sold to the market place, besides that, don't set your skill based on the price that you will receive, let your skills negotiate itself with your future, remember this advice; everybody has own potential to sell something important to the marketplace, but the question is "how much the price of people's habit per hour?, we must know that not all habits have the price, if we never know our habit's price, we will never know our valuable skill, if we want to know our competence price, we need to know type of problem we solve and type of people we serve, that's core value meaningbefore we sell our competence to the marketplace, we need to test our skill by contributing something randomly, here is the additional note for you; please don’t pursue the outcome if you haven’t developed your personal expertise in long term haul, if you still worry about the outcome, it means, you aren't ready to receive what God promises to you, every value you offer to the marketplace can buy the price and the price will get paid to you based on your dedication, kindness, determination and sincerity.


  If you get new chance to upgrade your competence, please use your time wisely, don't think twice if your opportunity can promote you to the higher level of problem where other people can't do like you, remember; your job you have now is not designed to pursue what you want, but completing your unfulfilled potential, if your job makes you doubt about what you do, it means, you are in the wrong jobif you want to sell something, please find the industry market where it really needs your expertise, you don't need to sell whatever product or service that you want to sell, let the industry market finds you and don't complicate other people to find you, besides that you must know your weaknesses and your strength, in order to upgrade your competence pricing, you must increase your mental acumen by solving a repeated problem in a day, at this moment I just want to remind you that your habit will determine 85% your behavior and 15% your future direction, at this phase you must be careful about your decision because your decision will determine what your future looks like and your competence will influence your performance-related pay, here is the first thing you can do how to sell your competence; you know about the industry's demand rate and you can understand who can be your target, if you don't know about the industry's demand, you will never be able to sell your competencehere is the second thing you can do how to sell your competence; your personality is matched with the industry's demand, it means, you can bear with the marketplace's demand without complaint, if you can master your patience while you solve problem in one time, it would become your high supreme accomplishment, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.