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Dealing with depression and anxiety


  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Dealing with depression and anxiety”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many of us are not ready to face the shocking event and also we often reject something we dislike it, such as problem, economy crisis, those are causing people to feel depression and anxiety, remember this; if we want to deal with depression and anxiety, we must forget about our ego and start to welcome the shocking event even it seems counter-intuitive, if you ask me "why some people feel depressed easily even though they can earn money?" because they consider money can heal emotional needs, money is the tool, it can't satisfy human's feeling, human can be happy when they use money for the right purpose, not fulfilling instant pleasure, someone who feel depression and anxiety, it is like someone who tries to go against the unsteady stream of river, he tries to change something that can't be changed, if he keeps behaving such thing, he indirectly creates the darkness within his thought, that's dangerous plan, if you feel your life is not good as you hope, you can train your mind and say to yourself "life is always serving human being with good purpose and God knows more than I need to survive", if you have mindset such thing, you will live like the lively fish which swims peacefully in the river without drowning against the current of river, if you are training your habit such thing, as impact, you will not feel depressed and also you will not see any problem around you, even there is pandemic, crisis, war or economy disaster because your mind accepts the unexpected lesson from God's plan, here is the wisdom you need to remember "every word from human's mouth will claim what they will have in the future", if we train our word of mouth by saying the positive words, we will not get negative vibration because we spread the power of love within what we say, in order to deal with depression and anxiety, here is the first strategy you need to do; knowing about what you target and give yourself with the deadline, if you consider what you target is giving you a sense of instant gratification, you must leave it because it is going to crush you, to cure the effect of depression and instant gratification, you need to ensure your main focus is not focusing about what you want, but rather you stay focus how to bring the blessing to other people's problem, if you want to change your life, help yourself by becoming a man of value and let other people will come to your life and do some helps for you unhesitatingly. 


 At this moment I would like to share the causes of being depressed, hopefully this explanation can increase your awareness level, here is the first cause why someone feels depression and anxiety; he overfeeds himself by collecting instant pleasure, please beware about instant pleasure because most of instant pleasures in the world are deceivers and they are designed to become a lousy teacher for every human being, here is the note; “pleasure comes from the core of our unfulfilled desire, it can't determine our awareness level, whereas, our suffering or pain is the essential core how to create the antidote for anticipating to go against with mental illness”, the main reason why some people feel uninspired to what they do because their main goal can't bring an inspiration or wisdom, here is the advice; if you can’t find some meanings within what you pursue, you must change your goal or you will feel powerless with what you pursue,  here is the second cause why someone feels depression and anxiety; someone is too emotional to push his desire into reality, here is my suggestion; if you can't control your desire, at least you can eliminate your desire until you only have the clarity of choice to pursue, remember; "the clarity of purpose is power", if you surround yourself with the clarity of purpose, you will feel abundance because you will be guided by God to do something magnificent, remember this advice; “everybody is granted by God with the infinite power and unique ability, your infinite power will be meaningless if it no use to serve what other people require to survive”, in order to keep using your infinite power, you must find a problem that you feel welcomed to solve it, please do it regularly, if you can’t find a problem that you want to solve, maybe you need to take day off from your daily routine in order to realign your major role in this life, the main reason why you need to realign your major role from your daily routine because not all activities you have are benefit for you, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.