F33 1

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “F33 1”, the main reason why I choose that topic because this diagnosis code represents people who suffer bipolar depressive repeatedly, if we see problem who comes from depressive people, it is not coming from people's intellectual capacity problem, it is coming from the wrong focus usage, if people just use their focus to misjudge their weaknesses and limitation only, they will increase their weaknesses and ignorant, in my opinion; people who suffer F33 1 (bipolar depressive repeatedly), it is coming from wrong habit where it is trained not to widen someone's perception towards reality, here is my research; comfort zone, sadness, regret, uncontrolled fear and misinterpretation towards pain leads to bipolar depression, in order to avoid bipolar depression repeatedly, you must change your influence, your social circle, your authorized figure, and the information you consume every daybasically people's mental disorder are caused by two things, the number one is self-doubt, the number two is the fear of uncertainty, two things are part of mental development disruption which can change people’s mood and change people’s belief, remember this; F33 1 code is sign that someone believes everything around him is very scary and nothing interestingI myself don't think fear is real because fear is part of unawareness towards illusion of mind, so fear is an illusion, what are you side? Do you believe fear is real or illusion? if you can master your focus, you can change what you mustn't to do and what you must do, starting from now; don't use your emotion to interpret reality before you have collected piece of information as self-evidence, if you misinterpret towards reality repeatedly, it will become your conviction and it can lead your emotion to do something wrong in your habit.

  All you need to do if your fear grows rapidly is increase your capacity by consulting with psychologist or you can evaluate when you associate with your social circle, sometimes the quality of social circle will influence your conviction, don't let toxic friends will manipulate your fear, your fear will end by itself if you know where you use your focus on the right thing, every human is unique creature, we are God’s highest form of creation, f33.1 code can’t measure what will happen to human’s mental capability, in order to sharp awareness level, we need to know what causes people avoid problem and what causes people approach instant pleasure, basically what make people feel peace is determined by not doing something which is against reality, please take a note; increase your self-assurance by solving other people problem with your skill is the weapon how to deflate life pressure, if your habit can increase self-assurance, your chance to welcome high opportunity is quite open, your main job is work like the nature where it always appreciates about the process, doing progressively, commitment with consequence and risk, here is my special note; focus on what you possibly can do as if you were no longer living on earth, if you always focus by using your usefulness for servicing God's plan within 24 hour, you will never get F33 1 (bipolar depressive repeatedly), please don't use your brain to think something you aren't entitled to think and don't feel something you aren't entitled to feel, if you want to get peace, live like a child "he is fully believing with God's plan", universe is designed by God to serve what you need, not what you want, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.