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Feel angry


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Feel angry”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people feel angry when what they dream doesn’t manifest into reality, if we take a look from different perception, the real problem is not coming from what people dream, but it comes from lack of preparation and lack of self-awareness to work better than what people usually spend their valuable time to work, in order to realize what people dream into reality, people’s mindset must be congruent with the law of universe because there are many areas where only can be done by the law of universe, it says “everything needs the consistency of work and the major trigger to unlock potential must be done with human's willingness at the first time”, that’s the compensation of law, besides that, people need to offer every day's contribution to the future, do you know why contribution is very important because every contribution will determine where people must go, remember; life is not talking about exchanging the accumulation of working with time, but life is talking about how to leave the contribution where it can't be swept away by the time easily, if your accumulation of working can be exchanged by time easily, you will be forced by life to work for what you aim until you die because your time is insufficient to support what you want in life, you must surrender your contribution by applying the law of nature, you need to commit for your contribution and you just let it go after you finish it, you have to ensure your contribution can’t be destroyed easily when time starts to destroy your contribution until 5 years later, it means, you need to struggle by working your contribution until 5 years, if your contribution has been done at least 5 years, then you must surrender the outcome to the law of universe.

Angry people always bring the past to the present moment

          Do you know why you must surrender the result although you have been working at it within 5 years? Because it is the law of compensation, you simply focus to what you work, when you work, you indirectly energize in what you do every day and you let the future will work for you, remember this; if you work without applying the law of universe, your physical strength will be pushed to work until you die, if you apply the law of universe into your dream, you just focus how to develop your self-esteem, masterpiece and enthusiasm all the time at least 5 years, during 5 years period of time, you have to ensure your masterpiece, self-esteem and enthusiasm are still availableafter that the law of universe will continue what you finished and you can’t interfere the process because you have given your authority to the law of universe, during waiting the process, you must not register your emotional to the result, it is totally prohibited, you must be sincerely to wait until the end result is appearing into reality, here is the important note; don’t push yourself to do something you can’t finish in short period of time, such as you work for your long term contribution more than 15 hours of working time in a day, you must ensure your small contribution can create the progress for other people who can access you, once again you need to focus on what you can do within 24 hours, during 24 hours you must focus on what you control, e.g. present behavior, present mindset, present opinion, present habit and present physical strength, you must let go what you can’t control because there is something you can’t interfere the process within the law of nature, if you appreciate your limitation, life will appreciate about your limitation, your job is now is doing more than what you are paid, remember this; if you are doing more than you are paid for it, the law of compensation is working for you because you have invested something bigger than your current limitation, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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