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Fixed mindset


    Hi good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of health, wealth and happiness, today I would like to share about topic "fixed mindset", the main reason why I choose that topic because almost everyone in the world has ever tasted fixed mindset, as we know that fixed mindset is totally different with growth mindset, people who have fixed mindset, they have several features; they tend to ignore new perceptive idea from other people, they tend to reject a new change from the market demand, they tend to stop learning because they are satisfied easily with the last achievement, they tend to get angry when there is an extreme change, they aren't enthusiast to do something new, they hate with failure, rejection, adversity, uncertainty, etc. Now my question to you is "are you having those features of fixed mindset?" , in order to change people whose fixed mindset, we must give them the endurance test or new challenge which can force people's habit to do something different, maybe you give people with punishment and reward strategy, for example; you have child, you tell to him "son, if your exam test has achieved average score around 70 in every compulsory subject, I will give you a ticket to go abroad for picnic, but if you fail to get average score around 70 or you get below 70 average score, you must commit to clean the house including your room every day until one month", maybe some people think that strategy is very cruel, it is not true, this strategy will help that child to dig his potential to learn something good in order to avoid the punishment, at the same situation, child's enthusiasm starts increasing because he wants to achieve the target and also get the reward as well.

   Remember; we will never get new enlightenment in every situation if we don't face with the punishment's test and reward's test at the same time, if we too focus in reality, we will overlook reality and we behave complacency, as we know a sense of complacency will educate us to stay the same again and again with the same standard of behavior, the same standard of thinking and the same standard of goal, "only pain can dig human's potential", if there is no pain, there is no gain, that's natural system, if we don't take risk by doing something crazier, life will put us in the same situation again and again until we get the pain of disappointment and regret, the real problem in life comes from fixed mindset, not economy crisis or natural disaster, human's potential will not increase if human's brain capacity isn't growing, starting from now, we must select type of person who will offer us a fixed mindset paradigm or growth mindset paradigm, if there is person just gives you a sensational news, you would better to let go from him because the information he gives it to you has no high value, here is the special note; your social circle can determine how is your future looks like, your friends fate will be the same as yours if you hang out with them, you can't change your mindset until you open your heart to learn a new principle from people you don't know before, if your habit directs you to taste the pain of discipline and leave the unproductive habit, it can be assured you have a growth mindset, i think my explanation is done, hopefully this information can give you a new idea how to improve your life, good luck.