Habit for humanity

Hi good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always get the abundance of health, wealth and happiness, Today I would like to share about the topic “Habit for humanity”, the main reason why I choose that topic not everyone is willing to fulfill what universe's need for humanity, as we know that every human needs the power from the source where it came from what universe serves, every human can't live without the source, the source from the habit, the reason why the universe can fulfill what human need because the universe has the power to influence human's ideology and the power to suffice the human's emotional need, no wonder the universe is so powerful more than all human being, this power can be adopted as long as human will do something for other people's need as emotionally, we will never possess the universe's power if we don't build habit for humanity, the first requirement we need to do if we want to have the power from the universe is we follow the universe's habit, e.g. dedication, consistency, determination, justice, discipline, generosity, here is the bad news; if we stop doing something good for humanity, we will lose the universe's power and we will feel paralysis, now here is the good news; if we keep doing something good for humanity, we will be imbued with higher qualification by the universe, I just want to remind that building good habit is not easy because we must leave our pleasure, leave our want, leave our ego, leave our major time to rest, remember; we will never know about our limitation until we can contribute our masterpiece for humanity, as we know the universe has limitation and every human has limitation, if the universe perishes, so we do either, the universe is the shadow of God's wisdom, the more we do something good for other people's lives, the more we receive something good from God's grace, that's the law of God, that law will apply to everyone if they want to receive something good from God.
If we just do something for egoism, God will crush our attempt and we will be pushed By God to follow money's habit, now the question "what can you do for humanity if you are still alive?", it is very important to ponder, our spirit, body and mind will work for us if we do something for humanity, our spirit, body and mind will not work together if we don't follow the law of God, the highest reward we can receive from God is having the power of awareness towards crisis, problem, disaster, adversity, mistake, failure, rejection, etc. at this moment I would like to share about strategy how to build habit for humanity; here is the first thing we must do if we want to have good habit for humanity; we don't prioritize our pleasure, instead we will prioritize other people's kindness, this habit will take several years to build because every human has different egoism, different principle, different capacity, etc. now here is the second thing we must do if we want to have good habit for humanity; we stop doing what we love and we continue sharing our goodness for fulfilling other people's pain, this habit is really hurting for ordinary people because the pain will not stop moving even though people want to flee from its responsibility, sharing goodness is hurt because we will fight our lust and we are compelled to enter our characteristic's nature, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.