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Helping someone with depression

    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “helping someone with depression”, the meaning of the topic is when you find someone else with depression, don't add with your bad mood, if you want to help him to heal his depression state, you need to make your mood is in good state, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can master the focus of attention, if we take a look in human’s habit who live in urban and rural areas, most of them prefer to visit the public place without having clear purpose by going there, they just want to associate with noisy people and they buy something that they don't really need in urgent case, if this situation becomes a daily ritual, do you know what will happen in the next phase? People will suffer mdd (major depressive disorder) because people’s mindset has been surrounded by the sensational comfort state where there is the combination between noisy people, emotional stress, same quantity of problem and crowded place, this is part of the common mental illness which often attacks people who are encircling themselves with something which doesn't offer emotional healing, remember this; our time is limited 24 hours, we can't sell our time just for temporary comfort, we must sell our time to get inner peace, that's goal, our good mood state can lose its strength if we spend too much time with people who love something where it attracts short term sensational, this is phenomenal where it happens to people who live in urban life because they assume all materials are good to be collected and to be owned temporarily, but it can't fix their emotional needs, I will add new special note; the human's emotional needs can't be fixed with worldly stuff, it can only be fixed by consuming the information where it offers self-awareness and inner peace.

  Now I understand why to help someone else who suffers depression state is not easy because we need to be a good role model for him, our positive impact vibration must be higher than what he is capable of, the only thing we can do is serve our goodness to others and teach them how to stop consuming the sensational comfort state, if we don’t practice how to inspire more than we usually do, we will get connected with someone who has depression state, here is the first thing we can do if we want to keep ourselves in good mood state; we don’t consume the information where it can’t teach us how to feel positive about our lives, the reason why we must do that because not all kind of information can’t serve good influence, some information just show us a sensational story which may treat us with emotional stress, remember this note; if we commit to consume the information where it offers the sensational comfort state, our emotion unintentionally commits that we are going to be someone who will suffer in depression statehere is the second thing we can do if we want to keep ourselves in good mood state; we train our focus not to stay longer in the past, the reason why we must do that because the past time is no longer available with us and also the past offers the invalid time, if we insist to hold back something which had already gone, our soul would feel insecure, depression because our present time is not congruent with the past time’s condition, if you want to stay in good mood state, you must know that the past time already worked and it becomes a concrete evidence to our lives, we can't step back, whatever we receive something from God, we deserve it, remember this; the past time already entered into the darkest room and it had been sealed forever by God, if we focus our life mission by looking forward, we will marry with future and we will lives into peace state, but if we focus too much about the past, we will never be able to focus what lies ahead, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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