I want to know what love is

Love always nurtures good habit
    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of wealth, health and happiness, today I would like to share about the topic “I want to know what love is”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone knows about what love is, most people prefer to prioritize about what they want rather than to prioritize about what other people hope, if people prioritize about what they want only, they will never feel satisfied about what they have done, in order to reveal about what love is, we must know about what other people want in their daily discussion, as long as we can't recognize about what other people want in their daily discussion, we can't promote our love in reality, love is about nurturing something existed, not taking benefit from something existedremember; a better curiosity will lead us to unlock the locked potential which can be used to optimize the power of love within us, to reveal the power of love in reality is very simple; don't use your ego when your ego doesn't satisfy other people's hope, at this moment, let me share something about strategy how to find out what love wants, here is the first strategy how to find out what love wants; don't promote your ego when other people don't need it, this question can lead you to be creative person, as we know that everyone has different pain, if we just promote our ego, we will never know about what love is, here is the second strategy how to find out what love wants; don't indulge your instant pleasure if you can maximize your love to dig your potential, it means, your love can't support you if you just indulge your instant pleasure, instead, love will support your creativity if it is used to fulfill what other people hope, remember this; money is not the same thing with love, if you love money only, money doesn't love you back, instead, money will put your habit like slave's life, money is attracted to you when you seduce your potential to solve other people's problem, you can't get potential if you don't love about the learning process which may take several years.

Love doesn't need requirement to give

     Here is the third strategy how to find out what love wants; don't force the market's demand to receive your own wants, this kind of question is recommended to answer problem if you work like businessman or entrepreneur, if you just promote what you hope, the market doesn't give you what you deserve, the market will give its loyalty if your product or service can fulfill what the market is telling you about what it wants, here is the fourth strategy how to find out what love wants; you don't spend your major time to do something valueless, This question can lead you how to prepare your expertise to face reality, if you just spend your time to do what you love, you will get instant pleasure and you will lose your confidence, here is the fifth strategy how to find out what love wants; you don't do something for getting luck, this question really hurts everybody because the majority of people just do what the do for getting luck, remember; the power of love doesn't work if we just use our ego as outlet for getting luck, every luck happens when we promote our action to find a way of solution, not to find an excusehere is the sixth strategy how to find out what love wants; you don't stop learning even though you reach your goal, this question leads you to behave humility, only humble person is willing to learn something even though he / she already realized, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.