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Medication for anxiety and depression


  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Medication for anxiety and depression", the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people can feel good about their own value and experience, some people consider what they receive from life is unfair, some people consider life is full of pain and suffering, some people consider life is like living in the hell, from those cases, I would say the problem is not lies into what was in reality, but it lies into self-delusion, if you think your happiness can be determined by your current position now, you have to ensure your happiness is in line with what you do, not what you have, I don’t recommend you to avoid what you can’t reject, e.g. uncertainty, catastrophe, crisis, consequence, reality, unexpected circumstance, etc. the first duty you need to do if you don't want to get depression is acceptance and the second duty is self-reflection, the reason why many of us get depressed easily because we try to control what we can't and we don't obey with the law of cause and effect, remember this philosophy "if we don't widen our perception when it's time we need to do it, we will be forced to taste the pain of stupidity when there's no time to reject what we can't reject", remember; you and I aren't destined to change reality, what we can do is renew our perception of reality and find another insight from other people even though we don't understand the meaning of it at this time, if we really care about our future, we must protect our future from self-delusion and fake expectation, life will give something meaningful when we get rid of our desire and we put our energy, focus, attention, time, health into something we don't really like to do logically for others.  


 The reason why many people are suffering in this life because they can't control the power of desire and they are unwilling to adapt with new reality which has been set by God, as we know life system is dynamic, not static, as long as we set a static pressure into our habit, our habit will live like a weed in the empty land, life is full of option, "if we don't want to live with inspiration, we will live with desperation", basically we aren't entitled to reject the life system, we must be staying harmony with the life system if we don't want to destroy what's unimportant thing in our life, if we see reality now, many people don't want to destroy their illusion because their illusion can give them a sense of great pleasure, remember this advice; illusion makes us weaker than what we get from its benefit, "comfort zone = illusion = pleasure", our bright future is waged in our commitment, good habit, good attitude, knowledge, perception, good purpose, endurance and good philosophy, if we can’t bear enough to endure bad consequence in this life, we must stop what can make us an extreme pleasurethe reason why we need to control a sense of pleasure because it can't help us when it's time we face a crisis, the real power of human's strength comes from the experience of a high pain tolerance, it's better suffering in any discipline rather than suffering in regret, so if you ask me "why a lot of people get depressed easily even though they can earn money because they lack of endurance skill", here is the important note; people who lack of endurance skill indicates that people lack of ability to solve a long term problem and they can't survive with life's dynamic pressure, here is the last note; "don't follow money's habit because money doesn't change people's habit, only endurance can change people's habit, if people can change their habit, their future will change as well"as long as people gain too much an extreme pleasure and also love the instant process, as impact, they are forced to suffer the pain of depression in long period of time because they lack of endurance", you ask me about the best medication for anxiety and depression, here is my research to answer this issue; letting go what you can't control and keep faith to God's plan that there is something good for you even though you don't ever see it, here is the most important above all is don't lose your faith to yourself and love yourself like God loves you, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.