Mental health


  Hi good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of heath, wealth and happiness, today I would like to share about mental health, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone realizes how to maintain mental health, if we look at modern age, many people get mental illness because they don't care how to maintain mental health, if you want to know about the main cause of mental illness, you must observe about two things to understand it; the need and the want, people who can't fulfill what they need, they usually get mental illness because of what they want isn't manifested into reality, do you know why it must happen? because people's behavior is not congruent with the life's demand, based on my research; people who get mental illness, they usually spend their major time to prioritize the activity where it offers less risky, less difficulty, and less urgency, people who don't know about what they prepare for their career, they will never know how to maintain their mental health, in order to measure our mental health; we must know about our deadline target, we must know about our capacity to endure problem, and we can tolerate with work pressurepeople who work without setting the target, they tend to work based on what they like without considering consequence, price and the time value of their existence, remember this note; people who prioritize what they want rather than prioritize what they need, their emotion will be tied with uncontrolled desire, people who prioritize uncontrolled desire, they tend to do something heavier than their capacity to endure, it is dangerous habit, people who endure more problem without considering their mental health, they will get emotional disorder or mental illness.

   at this moment, I would like to share about how to maintain mental health, here is the first thing you must do how to maintain the mental health; don't buy what you want if you don't have enough budget to satisfy, people who just buy what they want without considering their budget, they will harm their habit and also harm their mental health, for example; people who want to buy a new car without having enough budget, this is dangerous habit if they continue it because people don't consider about mental acumen to endure pressure, people who push their limitation in order to satisfy their uncontrolled desire, they will get mental illness easily, remember this advice, people who can't buy something in twice installment, they don't deserve to afford something, this wisdom can help you to avoid huge loss in the future, if we look at reality, there are many people are trapped in satanic circle by buying a new car without cash payment, here is my recommendation; please don't harm your mental health, once it is broken, you will be sent into asylum, if you really want to buy a  new car, you must eliminate your ego first and do the financial budget planningbefore you buy something, you must consider with its value, as long as the value doesn't decrease after you buy it, you can buy it because it can become an asset, if I were at your position, I would better buy second hand car because I consider about the decreased value of the car and I don't get big pressure during buying it as emotionally, here is the second thing you must do how to maintain the mental health; train your mind to consume the positive information, e.g. good knowledge, wisdom and don't try to consume the negative information because it can attract negative vibration, the reason why we need to apply this strategy because it can help us to feel optimistic once we get difficult situation, here is the third thing you must do how to maintain the mental health; you get enough sleep, if you get enough sleep, your mental health will rest when it is trying to attract problem into your brain memory, hopefully this information can give you a new idea how to improve your life, good luck.