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Reasons for anger

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “reasons for anger”, the reason why I choose that topic because some people are trapped in the situation which can magnify what they fear into anger and sometimes their habit will connect between what they complain with something which is not suitable with their emotional needs, people who tend to complain about their circumstance, they indirectly reject a new change and their potential and prowess will not grow as they expect, remember; anger is not born by itself, it needs repetition, bad habit and the confirmed statement from negative self-talk, if we use different perception; anger comes into reality because a man lacks of perseverance, a man who doesn’t burden himself with right mindset, he tends to see the world with pessimistic, so please beware when we see the world with negative attitude because it will become reality, a man who doesn’t take responsibility for his future, he doesn’t deserve to get big reward, a man who deserves the pain of disappointment because he lacks of resourcefulness to be invested in the future, as long as a man doesn’t burden himself with higher purpose, he doesn’t deserve to get the power to change the world, remember; everything needs a personal reason before someone wants to deal with positive or negative thing, if you think showing anger is not good for your mental health, you need to end up negative feeling by doing something positively and bring an impact to others before negative feeling dominates your behavior, that’s formula, you can’t make negative and positive thing to reside in the same place, so you need to choose one of them before you need reason to start new lifeplease beware of showing an anger because you have given the opportunity for evil to reborn within your soul.

  Most people think “the key to resolve anger is patience”, that it is not part of reason because patience is not kind of solution to avoid anger, patience is the result of mental development and self-awareness about something new, before you need to do something, you need to create strong reason because it will guide you how to focus on the specific purpose, not global purpose, reason is the cause where someone insists to do something undoubtedly and he believes his faith can guide him to do more than he usually does, before fear creeps into your mind, you have to secure your mind with the specific goal you want to complete, remember; there is nothing can make you angry unless you want to and there is nothing can make you fear unless you allow it happens, starting from now, if you don't accept about the circumstance right now, that’s mean, your mentality is living in the comfort zone / degradation stage, so you need to wake up your soul by doing some good deeds, in order to reduce anger’s influence from the circumstance; you need to develop self-esteem by achieving something you insist to do before reality will sweep it, your real competition is not people around you, but your own time, reality and your age, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.     


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