Safe job


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “safe job” the reason why I choose that topic because many people think safe job can guarantee their future life and many people consider safe job can fulfill what they need, but if we look at reality, safe job equals with desperate job, do you know why? Because safe job doesn't teach human how to survive and it doesn't teach how to prepare for the uncertainty of life, instead, safe job offers fleeting pleasure, desperate and narrow-minded attitude, at this point, I don't blame everyone who loves to take safe job, but they must know when they must stop loving from safe job because their company can stop loving them at any time, if you realize "life doesn't teach you how to enjoy the short game and quit, but life teaches how to endure something you need in the long game", life runs like the weather changing system; there is time to obtain opportunity, there is time to evaluate, there is time to progress, there is time to unlearn, there is time to adapt and there is time to incubate, so don't ever hope there is time to rest for longer time because life doesn't want to get you weaker, but it gets you stronger, now I really understand why most people prefer to love a safe job rather than having long term goal because they need a guarantee, once again I am not saying get a safe job is really bad, but what I mean is “you must know the consequence of having a safe job because it offers an illusion of your future”, the main reason why safe job just offers an illusion of future because safe job doesn't teach people how to unlock their biggest potential and safe job reduces the function of human's intellectual curiosity, in my suggestion; please don’t too get satisfied when you get a safe job because a safe job has never guaranteed what you are dreaming, before safe job will take control your future completely, you must build a life mission where you will complete in the long haul, if you don’t have any safe job, you can practice your craft in your leisure and you can sell to the market place once you finish your craft.


  Remember; every problem can become your life mission if you are sensitive to ponder it, if you work on problem, you will get feedback from it and your mental capacity is expanding, if you repeat that habit, finally you will be paid based on the solution you make, if you work for the monthly paycheck, it doesn't free you from worrying or anxiety, instead, the monthly paycheck just gives you addicted behavior and the pain of regret in the future because you will realize that everything you need is not lies into the paycheck, but everything you need lies into your potential growth, here is the note; only have a life mission can increase your confidence, increase your competent skill and you will get pursued by unrelenting failure and every failure you passed is going to strengthen your mental capacity and grow your wealth, here is the benefit of having a life mission; you will have the clarity of thought, the clarity of purpose and the power to choose what you want to be in the future, please don’t follow people who like to pursue the monthly paycheck because your potential will reduce its power by the time goes, in order to create a life mission; you must know what you fear most and you  must know what you want most, if you are driven by "your biggest reason to do", you will no need to worry about "how to do", I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.