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Signs of depression teenager

Self delusion model

  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Signs of depression teenager”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many young people realize about warning signs of depression, some teenagers ignore signs of depression because they consider what they do is always right and always benefit for themselves, in fact, many teenagers do something worthless during their youth, e.g. staying up late with friends for chit chat's purpose, playing the online game for making instant gratification, here is my conclusion during observing their daily problem; "young people who idolize their instant pleasure, they indirectly buy the power of darkness to kill their bright future"instant pleasure is the part of darkness, the more people pursue their own darkness, they will never find a way how to get the enlightenment, the power of darkness doesn't like to meet with the power of light, that's metaphor how to represent instant pleasure versus the enlightenment, in order to get out from warning signs of depression, "we must do something where it can attract the enlightenment even though we hate to do about it", that's the key how to stop receiving warning sign of depression, here is the statement you need to ponder; “failure is not part of making people depressed, but lacking of failure is part of making people depressed”, do you know why I say such thing? because every failure always offers new enlightenment, you can't get it from the school education system because school doesn't teach you how to embrace failure, instead school teaches you how to be follower of teacher, starting from now; don't follow an instant pleasure even though you like it to do because instant pleasure always obstructs your mental growth and seal your potential growth, e.g. buying the lottery ticket, smoking the cigarette, playing the money game, playing the online game. here is my suggestion "as long as those activities which I mentioned above can be postponed at least 3 days, your life will not get into dangerous path, if your life do not enter into dangerous path, it means, those activities which I mentioned above have meaningless value".


 At this moment, I would share some strategies how to make our life is on the right track, hopefully these strategy can keep you away from warning signs of depression and also how to make your life is meaningful, here is the first strategy how to keep you away from sign of depression in youth; don't follow your instant pleasure if it can be postponed at least 3 days, if your life is still okay if you don't follow the instant pleasure, your life will not get depressionin order to make our life is on the right track, we must ensure our daily routine offers us the enlightenment every day, "if our daily activity can't offer enlightenment to us every day, it can be assured that our daily activity will offer us an illusion / instant pleasure/ comfort zone", that ritual is making people get self-delusion, here is the second strategy how to keep you away from sign of depression in youth; you must know how to differentiate between the daily needs and our desire, that's important note, do you know why? Because our life will be in dangerous if we can't differentiate it, if we always follow our desire without prioritizing the daily needs first, our habit will behave like a beggar and burglar because they idolize their desire more than what they really need to survive I believe that there is no single person in the world wants to be a beggar, but most people predict their future by doing like a beggar's habit, they risk their life by fulfilling their own desire rather than fulfilling the daily needs, starting from now, here is the third strategy how to keep you away from sign of depression in youth; don't look for a high price stuff to get other people's compliment, but look for what's usable for your condition, if you always buy something for getting other people's compliment, you will live like a prisoner, if you have kid right now, maybe you can apply this article to educate your kids for saving their future, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.