Social anxiety and depression treatment


  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Social anxiety and depression treatment”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people can’t get good feeling every time they see some people talk about topic which it is unrelated to what most people need, the root of problem why people feel social anxiety because they let themselves to consume all information from the social media’s post without selecting which information should be consumed, in my opinion; before you open the social media's application, you have to know what is your purpose and who is the person will offer information you need in social media, if you can't answer it, please don't spend your major time to idle in the social media, if you break this rule, you intend to allow other people to dump the information you don't need into your brain memory, remember this philosophy; the information you consume every day will determine about what you become in the future, so you can't deny or escape from this law, you must stay cautious about people whom you put them into your social circle, if your friend, comrade, neighborhood, family can’t offer something important to your life purpose, you must find a good role modelthe first thing you must do if you want to protect your peace from social anxiety is you have to become a selective observer, it means, you don’t have to receive all information which is unrelated to what you are looking for your purpose, as long as the information you receive is related to what you are looking for your purpose, you can continue it whatever it takes, remember; your time is very limited, don’t let all information can disrupt your focus and interrupt your purpose, if you lose your money, you can work again to earn some money, but if you lose your time, you will never retrieve it again because you aren’t entitled to control or delay your time.


  Remember; there is no time management because you will never be able to manage your time, no matter how great the resource you possess, in this life there is only priority management, please forget about time management if you want to be happy person, here is the philosophy you need to ponder; "if you think you can manage your time, time will drag you to something you don't needyou can be happy person based on the activity you are passionate to do and you prioritize it, not how much time you can spend in your all activities"time is like sharp knife, if you spend your major time to take information which is unrelated to what you are looking for, you indirectly hurt your peace and you will feel anxiety because you don’t use the power of focus to do what you are supposed to do, don’t think time is going to give you as much as pleasure you can get, time can hurt you when you regret not to maximize your focus by doing what you prioritize, if you don’t use your time for saving your future, your brain memory will not connect to what you visualize about your destiny, instead your brain memory will give you a sense of depression because your focus can’t retrieve the valuable information, starting from now; don’t find something enjoyable in your social circle because it will not grow your potential, all you need to do is find someone who can give you a critical comment or support about what you progress in your mission, here is the last note; please don’t associate with people who possess 50 cent minds because whatever they talk, it will not add something valuable to your mindset, you have to find someone who possess a million dollar mission, the more you get valuable information from a million dollar mission, the more you can be resourceful person for other people who can't detect their own problem, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.