Suicide prevention

Hi good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of health, wealth and happiness, today I would like to share about the topic "suicide prevention", the main reason why I choose that topic because many people try commit suicide and some people try to think the most painless way to commit suicide, if you ask me why so many people think to suicide because they don't love about themselves, in order to let you know about the root of cause why people want to commit, you can review from people's wrong habit, the social circle and bad's tradition firstthose are the sources of potential which may lead people to commit suicideif you can fix one of three causes, you will get new enlightenment, as we know the famous singer or songwriter Kurt Cobain (Nirvana band), he died in April 5, 1994, Chester Bennington (Link in Park band's singer) died in July 20, 2017. from both case, here is my research; people who don’t know about what life wants, people will not get the good treatment from life, people who boosted their ego, they will be treated by life like a prisoner who enjoy about their own life without recognizing about the future's hopehere is the first factor what life wants; life demands people not to prioritize their wants, instead, life tests people's capacity with many unexpected moment, in order to balance between what life wants and what we want, we must create a mission in order to create peace and to avoid chaos which may impact to other peoples lives, this strategy may take several years to reveal because you will need the great power to change the situation which may impact to human's habit, you will never know what life wants until you will suffer with many adversities, here is my suggestion; if you really want about what life wants, you must offer what you can do with your unique skill.

Some people consider the root of cause why people suicide is lacking of money, but it is not quite right, money is just the exchanging tool between the object and people's capability to pay, people who commit suicide because they are supported by poor mindset and poor habit, in order to avoid poor mindset and poor habit, you must understand about what life wants through listening your pain and other people's pain, if what you do right now makes your subconscious mind to feel the pain even though you consciously don't want to do, it indicates you want to dig your own potential consistently, it is not easy to apply this strategy because you will accept many adversities, new mistake, failure and many unpleasant experience in the future, but if what you do right now makes your subconscious mind to feel pleasure consistently, it indicates you create something where it is really being hated by life, now I would advise you not to spend your major time to do something for your egoism or pleasure, do you know why? you will be treated by life like a prisoner if you commit to do it, a prisoner's mindset is saying "I maybe can do something with what I want, but I actually can't go outside because I create the jail of egoism and pleasure", now every future depends on your decision, here is my special note; life will give you a noble purpose if you don't think about what you want and you don't spoil your lust, life will give you what you deserve if you focus how to provide a better life for other people's lives and you don't too focus about your obsession, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.