Temper issues


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Temper issues”, the main reason why I choose that topic because almost everyone in the world has experienced with temper issue, it is not phenomenal issue because every day we are surrounded by the power of choose, either being good or being bad person, temper usually starts to attack people's inner peace when people lack of self-love to what they do every day, we can conclude "unwilling to adapt with uncomfortable thing is the indication that people will get temper", remember; life is not designed to offer about complacency or comfortable, life is about adaptation, in order to get comfortable, we must train our mindset to adapt with something greater until we accustom to feel uncomfortable with it, that's prerequisite, unfortunately most people think life is designed to offer enjoyable, but it is totally wrong, life is like the arena where it is used to train our power of choose, if we study a lot, and endure a lot of responsibility to solve problem, we will get new strength and new hope, if we ignore to study and we reject to endure a lot of responsibility, we will prophesy poor living in the future, now my question is “do you know why people still have temper issues even though they are trained to be patient person from their religion teachings? Because what people ignore is greater than what they desire to know more about their religion teachings, the temper issue comes from lack of spiritual enlightenment and lack of self-love to themselves, here is the special note; as long as people lack of self-love, they tend to harm themselves by creating negative self-talk and they lose their enthusiasm to work with life's uncertainty and eventually they can’t survive to see a new reality.

  In order to create self-love, someone must give what he loves to others because people’s strength of character depends on what they contribute to others, unprepared mental to adapt with uncertainty comes from people’s self complacency’s zone is greater than their survival skills, we can't survive if we are surrounded by complacency and comfortable for longer period of time because it has opposed with the law of nature, we can't create more peace if we can't calm our temper, the key to reduce our temper is create more peace within ourselves and we treat ourselves better like what the nature does every day, the nature's character is always learning and adapting with new situation and new condition, if the nature stops adapting, the human's life will start extinction, starting from now, don’t try to believe with luck or guarantee which is offered by other people or workplace because every guarantee will crush your survival skill, tomorrow is always be mysterious, we must continue to work for our mission for longer period of time until our capacity will not get affected with temper’s influence suddenly, we will never know when temper starts attacking our inner peace, so we must not stop adapting with future, when stop to learn, the negativity will grow, I think the best lesson to grow our life is gaining more survival skill, e.g. reading book, do physical exercise, do traveling to new place, survival skill is more important than anything lesson at school because every teacher at school can’t provide survival skill to student, so whatever you see right now is not reality, but it is just test to know about your perception, if your perception can create enlightenment to you even though you are surrounded with unpleasant thing, you will win to fight your temper, peace comes from working with self-love, not getting a lot of money or guarantee, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.