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Therapy techniques


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “therapy techniques", the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are trying to control everything they can see around them, if we use different perception about this issue, there is nothing we can control beyond our limitation, the more we want to control something out of our limitation, the more we get angry easily, the more we let go off something out of our control, the less we feel fear, remember this note; every human being only can control six things within themselves, such as, habit, imagination, action, decision, attitude and behavior, a sense of anger is not caused by outer circumstance or other people’s treatment, but it is caused by comfort zone, self-ignorance and self-righteousness, if you can’t understand about your thought, you will not be able to adapt with new adversity and life pressure, the best therapy techniques how to stop anger is you must delay the process which can makes you angry, it means, you have to distract your focus to another attractive object immediately before your sense of anger is blowing up, "anger can't stand alone without fear, fear can't stand alone without self-ignorance", so we can conclude that anger person always keeps the greatest fear within their subconscious mindhere is the philosophy you need to ponder; “don’t find something which can give you a temporary comfort because there is nothing out there can satisfy you except you stay in your own passion of working”, if you are busy to find something to satisfy you, you will never be able to be true person to yourself because you let the circumstance controls your destiny, if you can satisfy yourself with your service, decisiveness, dream, passion, and gratitude, the miracle comes to you immediately, starting from now; don't delay what you start and finish as quick as you can, the universe doesn't delay its service when you don't delay your work. 


  Your duty in life is not setting the goal based on reality, but you must set the goal based on what you propose to the future, if you are busy to work until you can't get bored with the ritual you made, I can predict your future will not disappoint you because you enjoy the process and you can adapt well with life's uncertainty, the key how to create the anger therapy is focus how to enlarge your capacity with valuable information and stop feeding your mind with something you aren't entitled to think, at this moment I would share some strategies how to make anger therapy to heal your mental fitness, here is the first thing you can do if you want to make anger therapy techniques; stop controlling out of your limit, if you stay controlling out of your limit, you will crush your inner peace and you will be grumpy person, remember; having inner peace is more important than dream, if you don't feel peace, the dream will not come as you wish because inner peace is the highest level of power and it has ability to attract something bigger for our kindnesshere is the second thing you can do if you want to make anger therapy techniques; don’t watch TV or read the magazine which contains sensational news stories, the main reason why you aren’t allowed to watch or read the sensational news stories because they don't add value to your inner peace, if you focus to outer strength, the inner strength will disarray your life, if you only focus to work on what you develop in your potential, you will have a freedom of thought and you will never feel the lack, here is the truth; "if you don't feel lacking whatever you receive from life, you will never be angry forever", I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.