Time change


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Time change”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people use their leisure time to reflect what they have done, most people use their leisure time to enjoy the party, make a chit chat with friend, go shopping, etc. If people don't realize about what they have done when there is time change, our fortune will be converted into a painful regret, if time is gone and then our opportunity is gone, finally our life will not change significantly as we hope, very few people use their leisure to reflect what they had done in the past because they consider what they had done in the past is perfect, I just want to remind, "although we are granted by God with time for our freewill, we will never discover our fortune until we reflect what we have done", if we treat time as the loyal partner, time will provide new chance for us to plan what we are going to do in the next period, if we treat time like an enemy, time will make us worry, fear, regret, basically time will follow according to what we emotional needs, at this moment I would share about several tips how to allocate our time for the right thing, here is the first tip how to allocate our time for the right purpose; review what we have learned within 24 hours, the reason why we must review what we have learned because all we have learned can shape our future moment, we must beware of what we have learned, not all subjects we have learned can give us good value for our habit as well as our future, sometimes some information on the internet are designed to attract our big attention to pursue something we aren’t becoming to be, remember; if we can ponder what we have done within 24 hours, as result, there is no regret because we took full responsibility to what we have done, in addition, our future will give us more chance to do something we never imagined if we reflected to what we have done in the past.

   Now here is the second tip how to allocate our time for the right purpose; Focus on our strengththe reason why we must focus on our strength because it will create positive vibration within what we do in daily basis, if focus on our strength such skill, we can allocate our time to do what we can and not to do what we can't, if we have this kind of habit, we don’t compare what we can’t with someone who can finish what we can’t, if we focus on our weaknesses, our positive vibration can be gnawed by negativity, finally we will spend our most time to do in the purposeless activity, if we want to allocate more time to useful activity, we must know what our habits do for us before we know how to execute it, we must beware that our behavior will determine what we will become in the future, if we use our habit to spend time to do something purposeless, we will never do what we deserve, instead, our habit will devalue to what we have done, if we are making habit of it, we will not get the exponential outcome in our life career, here is the third tip how to allocate your time for the right purpose; we surrender the outcome to divine timing, it means, we must let go what we concern to God's authority because we will enter into life’s uncertainty where we can’t do something about it, remember this; there is nothing we can do when we are living into life’s uncertainty, no matter how hard we try, the result will no different from before, if we try to interfere God’s job, we will never see the magnificent result because we allocate our time to worry about the outcome, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.