Uncertainty and risk

    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Uncertainty and risk”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people tend to avoid uncertainty and risk together when they are faced with something greater than their expectation, most people consider uncertainty and risk are inseparable because both has high potential to lead people to do something they never want, here is my suggestion, if you don't want be pushed by life to do something you never want, you must contribute something you love to others as much as you can, that's key how to prevent uncertainty and risk to come into your life, based on my experience; people who fear about uncertainty and risk because they doubt about their own capacity, if you broaden your mind, "Almighty God will never misbehave to human's life even though human have potential to commit crime or make any destruction on earth", uncertainty and risk are created by Almighty God to warn human how to use their limitation as stepping stone to share the kindness, if we don't recognize about the consequence, we never be able to measure our capability whether we are ready or not to take a chance, that’s part of risk, if we can’t reveal what we are going through within our self-control, that’s uncertainty, there is no uncertain moment can harm you if you just focus about what your potential can do, if you don't dare to try something you never try before, probably you are risking your life as well as your fortune because you overestimate about what you know and you reject about what you don't know.  

Life's uncertainty always monitors your preparation

  Here is bad news if you let uncertainty staying within yourself; you will lose your power to make your own decision and you will be treated like undeserved person because you can't recognize about your strength point and weakness point, here is my suggestion; don't wait to be great person while you want to do something, you just need to do what you can and let habit shapes your destiny, what matter most in your activity is you recognize about your limitation and then you prepare your craft, if you keep doing it over and over again, your sense of being uncertain is gone because you enjoy the process, remember; if you don’t fear about unrealistic fear, you will not fear about unexpected result, but if you fear of the unknown, it caused by your decision by putting your life into other people's plan, The main reason why most people are feeling uncertain once they want to do something because they are too much concern about what they can’t do, we must understand this wisdom "God only gives something you deserve to do, not what you can't do, if you keep frustrated about what you can't, your life will be full of uncertain, remember this note; we are facing the war of uncertainty and risk, we shouldn’t stay relaxing for longer time because our time is very limited, we don’t know what will happen for the next minutes or the next hour or the next day, our duty is how to grow our life evolution by doing like what the nature does something for us, such as we make contribution or we work on other people's problem, our life journey depends on what we contribute to others, not what we do for ourselves, if we don’t fill our most days with wisdom, inspiration, skill or knowledge, the dark of nature will do something insidious for us, the more we realize our lives is not congruent with our expectation, the more we think about our skill preparation, we shouldn’t waste our time to do something unimportant, such as, watching TV too much, holding the party every week with friends, if we do something without being linked with nature’s habit, we risk our lives within painful regret and we will live into uncertain of fear, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.