What is the purpose of life

Use the paper to manifest your purpose

      Hi, good readers, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “What is the purpose of life” the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can detect their purpose of life, if you ask me why so many people can't detect their purpose of life because they just promote what they desire and what they hope, that mindset will kill you if you insist to behave such thing, life doesn't work like you want, life is about one big family who stays in the same planet, life is about caring, life is about nurturing the goodness, life is about serving what human need, life is about the collaboration between solution and problem, life doesn't ask everyone to struggle in order to get what they want, we will never be happy if we don't care when we see other people are hungry every day, if we feel egoistic, we never reach the purpose of life, here is the first strategy how to know about what's the purpose of life? We must know about the time of value of our existence, it means, we don't spend our major time to do something we love, if we just focus about what we want, we will never know about our time value of our existence within this lifehere is the second strategy how to know about what's the purpose of life? we must observe about what reality wants, it means, we don't follow our ego and we keep searching about what reality wants through improving our perception towards reality, as we know together only God can change reality, God knows about what's valuable and what's not valuable for human's life, if God insists us to do something valuable in reality, He will put something into our creativity, so we can explore what reality wants through using our creativity, remember this note; creativity is about building something it never existed before, not destroying something it already existed.

Use your curiosity to find your clear purpose

   Here is the third strategy how to know about what's the purpose of life? We explore about what other people fear, it means, we don't just follow up our problem and we keep silent towards problem, life will never change if we don't heal the pain's existence, as we know together everybody has different pain and everybody has different fear, if we don't explore about what other people fear, we will never reach the purpose of life, remember this; if we let the fear grows in every single day, we indirectly build the chaos and disaster within human's life, starting from now, we shouldn't keep silent when the pain comes to us, what we need to do is bring something to heal the pain, that's it, the more we bring what the pain needs, the more we get the power to fulfill the mankind's pain, that's noble purpose, Here is the fourth strategy how to know about what's the purpose of life? we don't work for getting luck, but we work for manifesting what God wants, it means, we don't spend our time to fulfill what we want, but we try to do something bigger than our expectation, in order to manifest what God wants; we mustn't prioritize our wants, instead, we prioritize our time to provide solution to suffice about what human's pain hopes and and what human's fear wants, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.