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What is social thinker


  Hi good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of health, wealth and happiness, today I would like to share about the topic "What is social thinker", the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone is willing to be social thinker, some people prefer to live in the remote area, some people prefer to live in group, etc, basically social thinker is type of person who is busy to find the strategy how to make particular people get what they are looking for, if social thinker has something benefit, he tends to promote his perspective idea to the particular people, he will not stop doing something until the particular people get what they target, if you ask me "is it very difficult to become social thinker?", No it is not difficult, all you need to do if you want to be social thinker is empathy, patience and capacity to serve what other people need. you may need several months or years to manifest what you aim to be put into other people's lives, maybe you need to sacrifice your private life at the first period trial because you will sacrifice your time, energy, focus to give your service, in order to serve the particular people for long time period, you need to dig up your potential, curiosity and also upgrade your personal branding in order to inspire other people with your service, people who succeed to become social thinker, they usually find and gather the negative feedback from the particular people, after that, the negative feedback will be turned into the benefit feedback.

    If you don't have empathy, patience and capacity to endure problem, you will never possess the power from social thinker, that's basic requirement, you will never know what you will get from the future until you have given what you love most to other people, this strategy can be applied into business scope, whatever you sell, other people don't care about it, what other people care is how is your product or service can match with what people need as emotionally, social thinker usually collect other people's feedback and it will be created as the leverage to gain new knowledge and new experience, sometimes the best way to find solution in this life is looking for the negative feedback, not the positive feedback, if you just get the positive feedback from other people, your capacity will not grow as you expect because your mentality is tied by satisfaction feeling, but if you get the negative feedback from other people, you will get self promotion and your mental acumen will get a new strength to absorb pain from the negative feedback, starting from now; we must train our mentality to accept the negative feedback, that's way of thinking from social thinker, here is another benefit we can learn from social thinker's habit, he will not get attracted with the reward easily because what he focuses is how to create good impact into other people's lives, it is not easy to become social thinker because most people just look for the reward and most people do not fear about the consequence of taking reward, hopefully this information can give you a good idea how to improve your life, good luck.