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When you feel depressed


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “when you feel depressed”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people want to raise standard every time they get depressed, most of them like to do self-harm rather than self-love, the main reason why people tend to do self-harm because their feeling of disappointment is greater than their feeling of gratitude, may be you ask me, where does disappointment comes from?, it comes from wallow in self-pity and lack of use in self-potential, if we use different perception, lack of use in self-potential tends to lead people to be depressed because they lack of power to create something good in their self-imagethe depression state is not caused by outer circumstance, but having a bad quality of self-image which can influence someone to repeat disadvantage ritual, such as loss of enthusiasm, unwilling to study, smoke a lot, consume alcohol, etc. In order to reduce depression state, people must raise their own standard by unlearning bad habit and changing daily ritual with new one, e.g. "people change the information they receive every day with something more powerful and more inspired, the main reason why people must do it because every good information can change something where it is embedded in subconscious mind, it is like habit", remember; everything great you may see in this world comes from the type of information you receive every day, if you receive educated information more than receive entertainment information, you will be wise, now my question is "why not everyone wants to change their subconscious mind?" because every day people just push their limitation to satisfy themselves with powerless information, remember; powerless information can influence someone to expand their sense of self-complacency rather than expand their enthusiasm to learn more, starting from now, we must select the type of information every day because every information we receive will determine our future ahead, the root of problem why people have a bad quality of self-image because they encircle themselves with limitation and complacency, here is the special note; don't expect the world will pity to what happens to us, the world doesn't owe us something we deserve, the quality of our standard comes from unrelenting self-drive, information we receive and certain practice we do every day.

  Remember; life is like the barren garden, you need to work on your life until it can give a huge impact to others, if you feel depressed, there is nobody will care about what you feel because life is talking personal responsibility, if you feel like what everybody feels, you can't find your life purpose, before you feel depressed about something you obsess, you must raise your sense of gratitude three times every time you can choose something, here is good news; if you feel gratitude, you will feel self-love, if you feel self-love, you will raise your knowledge standard because you realize knowledge is power to change everything you think and everything you feel, "you can't raise your standard without empower other people with information you receive",  as human being, choose the information is very crucial because it will determine which direction people go in the future, if human don’t choose which direction they can go, they will end up in the journey where they are heading until they feel depressed, starting from now, don’t ever expect how to live easily because life system is rigid, your future life depends on what you give to yourself, you will never know what tomorrow demands to you, you must be ready with all consequences you will receive from life, you must encircle yourself with new demand for your next life journey if you don't want to get unexpected disaster from negativity which may come at anytime, please don't wait opportunity because you will never know what opportunity brings to you, you must train your mind to receive powerful information even though you are not ready for opportunity, life will give something you deserve if you prepare yourself with new valuethe luckiest person is not lies in what he has now, but what he prepares something valuable long time ago, if you feel lucky, you must prove it by doing something you never try before, if you are not willing to try something new even though you are capable to do it, you choose to feel depression in the future life, please choose your decision wisely, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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