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    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Business definition”, the reason why I choose that topic because many people have misconception about business definition, some people aren't ready to accept entrepreneurial seizure because what they behave is not related to what the business wants, in reality some people try to change the market's demand by offering something based on what they like to do without checking what the marketplace needs, basically they are not really entrepreneur because they are struggling to change the market demand, here is the business definition; act of exchanging between the value and the need in order to get the same advantage between both side, either the supplier's side and the customer's demand / the marketplace, before we run the business, we must recognize whether there is existing demand or new demand from the customer's demand, if we don't recognize between existing demand or new demand, we aren't allowed to run the business first, that's business acumen strategy, if you ask me "which one is more difficult between fulfilling the existing demand from the customer and fulfilling the new demand?" fulfilling the new demand is very difficult to do because it needs a lot of preparation, such as, feasibility study, business plan, the raw material, good reputation, exit strategy, etc. In order to achieve the new demand from the marketplace or the customer's demand, we must adapt to fulfill the existing demand from the customer's need first, if we want to get information regarding the existing demand from the customer's need; we have to find the market's existing demand at the public places, social media, the internet search or the daily news, from that explanation, you can ask yourself "what kind of skill do I need to develop to offer the value to the customer's demand?", that's basic question how to build the business strategy for long period of time.

Exit Strategy

   Before you want to know more about the value, you must know about the marketplace's need or the problem's history first, if you can't recognize the marketplace's demand, don't start to offer your value first, that's business ethics, if you push yourself to offer your value before you recognize the existing demand, you will get rejection in many times, if you succeed to recognize the marketplace's demand, then you can focus how to build your value, such as the business savvy, problem detection, troubleshooting skill, business investment, etc. Here is the clue how to fulfill the existing demand from the customer; you must find a way how to provide a service which can connect between what people need and the problem realizationif you can't educate the customer to realize their problem, as impact, you will not get opportunity how to offer your value, if you can educate the customer by providing the service which can answer the customer's problem, the business will come to you without needing a lot of effort, remember; business doesn't take one month to earn money, sometimes it needs several months or several years to create sustained business, before you run the business, please don't make the money as your main goal because good business doesn't create the system such thing, don't start business when you need money because business doesn't come like what you expect, you must leave a good legacy to others first until they are interested to make transaction with your product or service, the business is about sharing the power, not to take other people's power, once you share your power, then let it impacts to others and eventually what you share is going to be back to youI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.