First choice power

Choose your first choice

     Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “First choice power”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people underestimate about the first choice power and they don't know what they need to invest within their first choice power, if you ask me why many people underestimate about the first choice power because they need a guarantee from other people in order to prevent a big loss, furthermore, people tend to visualize about the pain of failure first rather than visualize about the possibility of enlightenment, in my opinion; people who need guarantee when they want to create the first choice, as impact, they don't deserve something as they hope, instead, they will obtain something worsepeople who need guarantee first while they're making trial, it is the same thing with someone who wants to get a high position at the company without fulfilling the recruitment test, do you think he will get a good position at the company before he undergoes the recruitment test? No, he is completely ruined, here is my research; successful people don't think whether their first choice power is bringing success or failure, what successful people think is how to make the exit strategy with their own version during making the first trial although it seems counterintuitive, as we know that life is mysterious, if life is considered as mysterious thing, it means, it comes from the future time, not present time, in order to understand about what life wants, we must adapt with the pain of learning continuously until we don't feel the same pain anymore.

There is always choice even though you don't take it

      Remember this; life doesn't offer guarantee like the company which gives health assurance card to employees, life doesn't teach you how to get guarantee during in pursuit of careerlife teaches how to keep you staying power and continue to take a lesson from something you don't know, the more you realize you know something, it indicates you know nothing about it, the less you know but you learn from something you don't know, finally you know something meaningfulhere is the basic lesson I want to tell you; don't consider what you are thinking is totally useful for you because life system works against your ego, the more you don't optimize your first choice power, the more you predict your big loss at your second choice because you just justify what you are thinking is right, sometimes we must behave like wrong person who accepts something we don't understand until we get potential during long learning process, if we behave like wrong person, we will be taught by life how to turn from unused thing to be useful thing, if we consider life system will work as we expect, life will die by itself, the best lesson we can learn from life is we are willing to accept a suffering or pain during learning process, don't ever think we can escape from the pain of learning because there is no path how to escape from it, life is like fate, what you are going to do for your habit, your habit will create your future, if you are willing to create the first choice, life will give you the second choice, if you behave like a new student every day, life will become a mentor and life will teach you how to take responsibility and how to adapt with something you don't knowI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.