Gratitude definition

Young woman is praying for her life

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Gratitude definition”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can express their deepest gratitude to the right way, there are some people who express their gratitude with the wrong direction, e.g. drinking alcohol, holding a big feast with friends weekly, spending money for self-indulgence, buying the expensive goods for impressing other people, those are wrong way how to express the gratitude, here is the gratitude definition; the way of expressing of our deep feeling by doing something to gain Almighty God's willingness, the reason why we need to express gratitude to God? Because it is the part of good manner to Almighty God as the evidence we receive all the favors He has given to us, if we realize there is nothing happen by itself unless there is God's permission, so we must do something which can impress Almighty God even though He doesn't need it, before we express our gratitude, we must find a strong evidence in our environment which can help us to realize about God's favor existence, here is the statement we need to ponder; "the more we express our deepest gratitude to God for all His favors to us, the more we receive the kindness from God's favor", now I will give you example how to understand about the point of gratitude definition; you realize about your weakness to study mathematics, in several times you undergo mathematics examination, you always get a poor grade, no matter how hard you struggle to study mathematics, you still get a poor grade, one day at school provides mathematics final test to every student, once the mathematics final test has been corrected by teachers, teacher says "congratulate to you because your mathematics test gets a score 70 point", from that story, you must realize that person who finished your mathematics final test is not you, but it is the angel which is sent by Almighty God to help you to finish mathematics test, here is the special note; God doesn't ask you to be smart person, He just demands you to show your perseverance to study mathematics and He doesn't ask you to determine the final score at mathematics final test.

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    If you really want to get kindness in order to get God's grace, you must do good thing to others like what Almighty God does something good to you, that's requirement,  before you wake up in the morning, you must ask yourself "what kind of activity which can gain Almighty God's acceptance?", if you don't get answer from your question, you must take risk by doing something you have never started before, as long as what you do doesn't harm yourself or other people, you can continue your action, but if what you do can harm your mental health, harm your money, harm your reputation, please don't start it even though there is opportunity to get a profit, if you really want to know whether what you do can get God's acceptance or not, please try to help the poor orphan by giving food or money, once you finished to contribute something to them, you will get a sense of happiness automatically, it indicates that God loves what you do, here is the first strategy how to express gratitude in good way; you allocate your money to do charity, this is common strategy how to gain God's acceptance, unfortunately, not everyone is willing to do it, the reason why not everyone is willing to do for charity because they are afraid to lose their material wealth, here is the second strategy how to express gratitude in good way; you use your time to increase your expertise and use your time to worship to God, I will not explain this strategy meticulously because you will know what it means, here is the third strategy how to express gratitude in good way; you will not do something same in two days, it means, you always improve your uniqueness and strength of your character by doing something differently in order to get the kindness from God, remember this wise word; people who do the same thing in two days, they are deceived by the world. people who did something yesterday was better than today, they actually create their own lucklessI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.