Gut feeling

Gut feeling offers next exit

     Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Gut feeling”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can optimize their guts to follow gut feeling, the root of problem why not everyone is willing to pursue gut feeling because they consider gut feeling is really irrational and fantasy, I just want to remind you that your philosophy works based on what you believe, if you think gut feeling is fantasy, you indirectly consider God is fantasy, so please beware about your assumption, don't let your gut feeling is moving away because you don't believe it, if we use different perception; gut feeling doesn't come by itself, it is part of reaction after you do something significantly in your life, even though you don't seem that you need gut feeling, but your gut feeling will turn into reality after you develop your enthusiasm to go deep in the learning process, gut feeling can't be developed like you do for your expertise, gut feeling is the notification that you have already passed the long term journey, gut feeling doesn't come every day, it needs several years to manifest into human's life, the best attitude we can demonstrate when gut feeling comes is we believe whatever we receive is coming from the progress, not the end result, in order to harmonize between your gut feeling and your desire is you don't pursue something which can't be controlled by your capable hand, please don't force yourself to chase success, but let success pursues your preparation, e.g. mental acumen, ingenuity skill, guts, patience, endurance, faith, and enthusiasm, the more you pursue something out of self-control, the less probability you can get from it, instead, your gut feeling will turn into your biggest fear and failure if you are persistent to follow success.

Failure is the new bridge to success

    I believe the school system doesn't prepare us how to develop soldier mentality in order to face reality, as we know school only teaches the students how to remind something important, not teach them how to think when they get adversity or failure, if we see reality, school system punishes us when we make mistake, it is totally opposite with the life system, in order to let gut feeling works with us, we must make new mistake in reality in order to measure how strong our capacity when it is being hit with life's pressure or adversity, the reason why life wants us to learn from failure because we don't even know about the benefit of failure, here is what I believe; failure is helping us to separate between what's valuable and what's not valuable within our habit, so I wouldn't plan to escape from failure because it is very powerful tool to enhance self-awareness, as we know together habit is the accumulation from past experience, tradition, knowledge, ingenuity, characteristic, information, memory and goal, if you receive gut feeling from God, it indicates God appreciates about what you invest in your habit, if your habit is considered by God is unqualified, so you aren't allowed to pass the life next journey, habit is the only way how to predict your future, please beware about what you invest to your habit, now let me remind you about one thing which can block our success journey, namely; instant pleasure, the reason why we must avoid instant pleasure from our habit because it doesn't amplify our unique ability, instead instant pleasure will decrease our unique ability, as we know together that life doesn't offer instant pleasure, if we insist to pursue instant pleasure, life will destroy our mental capacity or everything we owned, our duty as human is not fighting against a sense of suffering, but how we utilize a sense of suffering to maximize our endurance skill in order to pass the higher life pressure, the purpose of gut feeling is notify us that we need to pass life's suffering chapter until we no longer feel the same level of suffering again, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.