How to be consistent

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   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how to be consistent”, the reason why I choose that topic because consistency is the mother of all luck, there is no way to achieve something great without doing something consistently, unfortunately many people underestimate how to be consistent because they consider consistency creates new suffering, at this moment, let me share some tips how to be consistent, here is the first tip you need to do how to be consistent; pick up one thing at the time, it means, you aren’t allowed to choose many tasks if you want to master one skill, you must pick up one thing you are interested with it, if you already choose one thing at the time, you need to apply a pattern of consistent until you have mastered one skill, here is the second tip you need to do how to be consistent; build the inspiring goal and the punishment’s plan, the main reason why you need to apply this strategy because having the inspiring goal can push you to keep progressing something until you can kick yourself from the comfort zone and the punishment’s plan is designed to punish you when you want to avoid doing something important, here is the third tip you need to do how to be consistent; track your accomplishment every day, the reason why you need to make accomplishment every day because it can strengthen your vision, improve your daily habit, empower your focus and also every accomplishment can help you to keep your mental health in stability while you do something consistently.

Achieve your target consistently

   Here is the fourth tip you need to do how to be consistent; find an accountability fear that can motivate you to do something you never did, the reason why you need to have an accountability fear because it can stabilize your vision towards your ultimate goal, if you have no accountability fear, you will stay living casually without having new intention to do something more, if you are making habit of staying casually for longer periods, as result, your mentality will lose its value because you lack of using it to meet with adversity, remember this; your mental intelligence will not work for you at maximum level when you stay into the comfort zone for longer time, so you need to keep an accountability fear got dangled to your thought, here is the fifth tip you need to do how to be consistent; plan ahead to anticipate for roadblocks, the reason why you need to do that because life is always giving a surprise to you and interrupt what you do at the right time, in order to fulfill your target, you need to plan ahead, sometimes life try to blockade what you do to keep you away from inconsistency, here is the sixth tip you need to do how to be consistent; do something even you don’t feel love it, the reason why you need to apply this strategy because it can help you to remove all obstacles where it lies in your habit, such as a sense of laziness and less productivity, if you can master self-control’s power, you don’t need a love to motivate you because love itself insists to make you stronger, here is the seventh tip you need to do how to be consistent; reward yourself when you achieve your ultimate goal, don’t forget that there is no meaningful consistency pattern if you don’t give a reward for your struggles, sometimes you need a big reward in order to keep you staying in the right path, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.