Income inequality

Income inequality lies in your low knowledge

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Income inequality”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people get low standard of income where it pushes people to do something ridiculous, such as mortgage the house certificate, make a debt to the bank, sell the luxurious stuff, work like the beggar, the root of problem why many people get low standard of income because their work ethic doesn't reflect based on what life wantsas long as people don't raise their standard of work ethic, they will always get low standard of income, remember this; what makes people unhappy is not caused by low income, but it is caused by having a sense of incompetent at one major skill, in order to be good at one major skill, don't force yourself to receive what your ego wants, but you try to solve the problem you are interested until the marketplace sees your competence as talent, don't let a sense of lacking will dominate your mind, the more you feel lacking, the more you push away your competence from your reach, remember this law; the more you ask something you want, the less probability you receive something you want, the more you give something you logically don't want to give, the more you receive something you deserve, in order to fix the low standard of income, please don't force your company to raise your standard of income, it would better you ask yourself "what kind of competence that I can sell to the company I work for?", if you can build one major skill you are interested and you use it to solve company's problem, life will raise your standard of income without you are demanding for it. 

Finish your target before payment schedule

   Here is the strategy you need to apply to your mindset; "Before I ask about what I want, it would better I say what makes something I want is wanting me so much", it is the same thing when you want to earn high standard of income, before you pray to Almighty God about what you want, you can ask yourself "what makes a high income I want is wanting me so much", if you ask the question such thing to yourself, your mind starts contemplating about your competence, if you still feel incompetent at one or two major skill, your body will tell you that you don't deserve to earn high standard of income, here is the first strategy you need to apply to your mindset if you want what you want is really expecting you; you sell your competence as much as you can and don't compromise with it, it means, you must focus to hone your skill and you stop focusing how to get your salary, here is my suggestion; don't ever think "who will pay me for what I have done?", if you ask yourself with such question, you demand your subconscious mind not to upgrade your superpower, instead, you demand your subconscious mind to expect other people's mercy, remember; people pay you not because of a sense of mercy, but they pay your competence, if you just hope other people pay you with a sense of mercy, it indicates you work like a beggar, in order to raise your standard of income, you must work on yourself as if there were nobody else can pay you well, if you can prove that you can work with your competence until you can sell solution to other people's problem, your competence will tell you that you will get what you deserve although you don't demand a paymenthere is the second strategy you need to apply to your mindset if you want what you want is really expecting you; you contribute what you love to others, it means, you expect nothing for what you have done, this is kind of survival mentality, if you can apply it to your mindset, the universe will give you what you deserve, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.