My rescue plan

God will change our circumstance after we initially do first


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “My rescue plan”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not every single person can make a rescue plan for the rest of their life journey, the reason why not all people can make a rescue plan because they just focus on what they can do in near future only, if we want to rescue our future, we must do something where we aren't thinking to do it for the near future, we must sketch our view based on what we are going to see in the unknown days if we want to rescue our future, life will not show something extraordinary for us if we just do something ordinary without having eagerly to know about something really new, we all know that nobody is perfect, but if we don't create the initiative plan for our future, we will get nothing magnificent from the future, instead, we only get what we expect and our journey gets stuck between dilemma and reality, if you ask me "why do we bother to create "my rescue plan"? Because not everyone will facilitate what you are going to do for your future, if you don't have a rescue plan, you will work based on other people's rescue plan and eventually you have no opportunity to work on your rescue plan, have you ever wondered what's the meaning of rescue plan?", It means, you need to put your effort, focus and time to save your future by doing something progressively without having many expectations from other people's help, at this moment I would share some strategies how to create "my rescue plan", hopefully these strategies can help you to create your own journey without depending too much from other people's help, here is the first rescue plan you need to build if you want to save your future: stop behaving like a perfectionist, it means, you must behave like a new student who knows nothing about outer world, if you are willing to learn something even though you feel unpleasant during the learning process, you indirectly save your future from the pain of ignorance and the pain of stupidity.

Let the past dwells in the past

  If you stop learning something new, you indirectly destroy your rescue plan, here is the second rescue plan you need to build if you want to save your future: stop trying so hard to be something you aren't, it means, you must become the best version of yourself although there is nobody will give you a credit, even though today there is nobody will appreciate your creation, you must become the different of you in every single day, if you just behave like what other people say, you will not recognize about your unique ability, finally, you will leave a sense of self-love and leave your transparent character, here is the third rescue plan you need to build if you want to save your future: let your past dwells in the past and learn something new today, it means, you must forget what you have accomplished in the past and you start doing something you have never started yet, let God works based on what we left, if we just keep focusing about the past, we are living like a junk collector who brings the dumped stuff every day, here is the fourth rescue plan you need to build if you want to save your future: create your masterpiece as if you were on the last mission on earth, it means, you always train your deepest curiosity to know more about what you can do, if you train your habit like that, you will live like a professional athlete who always prepares his mental strength and his physical ability before he attends to the final competition, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.