Problem solving & decision making

The decision Maker

   Hi good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of wealth, health and happiness, today I would like to share about the topic "Problem solving & decision making", the main reason why I choose that topic because many schools don't teach students how to have problem solving & decision making, what students get is how to remember the history, how to calculate the numbers and how to copy what teachers saying, that's common misleading tradition where most teacher don't realize it, nowadays many schools still believe the memorizing method during learning can become the trademark for the next generation, here is my research; the education system in the school is designed to create the fixed mindset and to recruit the employee, I don't blame if people want to be employee or the labor at the company, if this tradition is being repeated again and again, eventually, people will never be able to possess problem solving & decision making skill because the tradition blocks human's potential to explore something people don't know, remember; every tradition is not designed to develop human's potential, instead, every tradition is designed to protect what human need to believe, it is very difficult to against the tradition where it had been built long time ago, the best attitude we can perform if the tradition blocks our potential is we need to challenge ourselves how to be new student every day where there is nobody will restrict our movement and our curiosity.

Most important thing is problem solving skill

  Starting from now, we must recognize what holds us back to become unique person, as long as we can't develop our strength to recognize our ingenuity skill, as impact, we always be a slave, remember; only knowledge and creativity can free us from being a slave, at this moment I would like to share how to build problem solving skill / decision making skill, hopefully these strategies can give you a new insight how to improve your life, here is the first thing how to build problem solving skill / decision making skill; don't behave like what the majority of people do in their leisure time, this is first requirement how to build problem solving skill, if we see reality, the majority of people only spend their leisure time to indulge me-time as if tomorrow will never existed, that's wrong behavior, if you think tomorrow is more important than what you do today, you must prepare your skill in order to welcome the unexpected moment or new problem, if you have soldier mentality, you will not spend your time to take rest and sleep all day long, instead, you keep digging your potential by delegating your curiosity in order to solve other people's problem, if you do something where most people won't, tomorrow you can master where most people can'there is the second thing how to build problem solving skill / decision making skill; don't let your last achievement stops you to move forward, it means, you keep searching your potential in order to leave new achievement again for the future, remember this advice; although you are financially free today, it doesn't mean tomorrow you will be free again, do you know why? because there is nobody will guarantee your future, that's soldier mentality, here is the third thing how to build problem solving skill / decision making skill; stop asking "why", rather you are asking "how", it means, it means, you don't fear when problem comes to you, if you practice your mind to ask "how", your mind will be led to the problem, then you will be taught by problem how to excel your mindset class and finally you will be taught how to solve the next problem, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.