Smart goal

Smart goal gives you perseverance to make progress

  Hi, good reader, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of health, wealth and happiness, today I would like to share about the topic "smart goal", the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are aware about the goal setting's influence, some people just set the goal they desire without knowing about strong reason behind it, as impact, they will feel difficult during process because their goal can't inspire what they do, in order to create smart goal, people must have deadline to monitor the goal, do you know why people need to set the deadline for their goal? Because creating the deadline can prevent a sense of procrastination to grow, as we know having a sense of procrastination can become big obstacle to increase our competent skill, here is the first characteristic of smart goal; smart goal can help us to prevent a sense of procrastination to grow, this strategy really works when we will feel enthusiasm to enjoy the process, if we can't enjoy the learning process, it indicates that we set the wrong goal, if we really want to create smart goal, we have to analyze whether the goal doesn't make us fear or not, if we don't fear accepting new mistake or failure after we make attempt to reach the deadline target, that's smart goal, if the goal setting can make us fear or it doesn't give us peace, it indicates that we want to destroy our confidence, it is not good idea, here is the second characteristic of smart goal; smart goal can help us to unlock our awareness and improve our potential relentlessness, here is the good news; if we can combine between our awareness, potential and other people's problem, three of them can become a new currency for our worthiness.  

Awareness level

  Now, I have question for you; before you want to pursue what you accomplish, you must measure your mental acumen by asking the critical question "Am I ready to receive nothing from what I struggle?", if you aren't ready to accept something which is opposite with your expectation, your conscious mind indirectly destroys your plan because you are too fearful to see about the result, if you have smart goal, it doesn't give you fear, worry or regret although you have failed at many times, here is the third characteristic of smart goal; smart goal doesn't last on short term period, it means, smart goal will run lifelong after that smart goal evokes your potential to create more different result, here is the good news; smart goal doesn't need motivation from other people's influence because smart goal teaches us how to become independent person who possess unique ability to help people's problem, here is the fourth characteristic of smart goal; smart goal will turn into inner peace when you finish something progressively, it means, smart goal will keep you communicating with God once you finish something, if your smart goal can help you to improve the connection between you and Almighty God, so whatever you do right now, you will get blessed by God, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you new insight how to improve your life, good luck.