High potential

Idea comes from unrelenting focus and self-drive

  Hi smart people, howdy? hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about “High potential”, the meaning of that topic is not everyone can detect their high potential, if you ask me why many people can't detect their high potential because they only focus how to get a low potential, basically there is cause and effect's law to explain between high potential and low potential, let me explain about the features between high potential and low potential, here is the first feature of high potential; it doesn't cost money, but it costs your focus and high stamina, the more you get high challenge to finish something, the more you need to engage your high potential within yourself, here is the first feature of low potential; it cost a lot of money and it doesn't increase your unique ability, the more you pursue low potential, the more you decrease your creativity and your specialty, remember; high potential doesn't guarantee your success, but it can give you strength to face the difficult thing during you pursue your career, whereas, low potential can ruin your career, in addition, low potential can't give you a good opportunity how to increase your earning ability, instead, low potential will treat you as the robotic machine where it has no option, people who pursue a low potential, they don't want to explore their ability because they are too satisfied about the end result, I just want to remind; don't work based on the profit, but work on your potential, if you focus on the profit, your comfort zone is trying to get in the way of your potential to evolve. 

Crisis vs opportunity

High potential can't be paid by money or authority, High potential only can be exchanged with your biggest reason to try, if you feel there is something needs your existence, it means you are challenged to finish something even though you dislike it, remember; your potential will grow if you use your curiosity to find the solution about what the world needs, besides that, high potential can invite big attention if you use your ability to work on the job where the majority of people tend to avoid itplease don't shirk to do something new if you feel there is something good needs to be done, if you start something you never tried, you indirectly build a new habit, if you renew your habit, you renew your fortune, that's law, the power of need must be living within your soul if you want to pursue your high potential, if you just use your satisfaction to work on potential, as impact, you will get disappointment after you don't get the result as you wish, sometimes the amount of profit can block your potential to evolve when you consider the profit as the end goal, here is another benefit if you have the activity which offers high potential; you can observe the crisis and identify opportunity where there is nobody else can see what you see, here is the last note; don't consider the profit as the end goal because you will not know whether you will get the same profit or not in the future, if you focus how to gain your high potential, your potential will push the profit to come to you, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.