How to build empathy


     Hi smart people, howdy? I hope you always have a good day, today I would like to share the topic "How to build empathy", the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can show their empathy when they meet with other people's emotional problem, if we look at reality, many people just give their own opinion without asking permission whether other people are willing to listen their opinion or not, that is people's attitude problem, do you know why I say such thing because many people just prioritize their esteem rather than giving their ears to understand what other people feel, in order to understand what other people feel, we should behave like an empty glass, not like the fulled glass, that's manner, if we behave like an empty glass, we must spend our time to be alone and ask to ourselves "Am I ready to accommodate other people's feeling?", if we aren't ready to listen other people's feeling first, we mustn't give our reaction to other people's problem, if you ask me why many people are quarreling with other people easily because they just push their respective opinion to the different circumstance rather than they use their logical thinking to ascertain what's problem they actually have, if people don't give their time to adapt with different circumstance, at least they keep silent and they get away into each other in order to drain their bad emotion, that's the way how to build empathy, remember; if we don't give our time to idle our emotion, as impact, we will push our illogical response which may hurt other people's feeling.

Give understanding, not responding first

    Basically, there is no single person quarrels just for prioritizing their sensible thinking, they always behave like child when they are unable to understand other people's feeling, unfortunately, not many adult people realize that their behavior is like child when they face a problem where they don't understand, the main problem why many people can't understand about other people's feeling because they don't understand how to match between their thinking capacity and other people's thinking capacity,  if we see reality now, there are many things we don't understand, especially about our conviction level, if we realize our understanding capacity is limited, why we bother to push our limited capacity to be accepted by other people's different capacity,? It is making no sense if we just ask other people to listen our opinion whereas we don't want to listen other people's opinion, remember this; asking the permission to other people to listen us is much important rather than we just show our good reaction, whether we like or not, other people want to see our good manner first before they want to accept our opinion, here is my conclusion; we must be willing to adapt with different circumstance if we want our limited capacity is congruent with other people's limited capacity, remember; mismatched capacity will be the main problem behind people's quarreling, so we need the power of empathy before we talk to other people, here is the first duty we must do if we want to build empathy; we must behave like the empty cup as if there is none valuable content within, or "humility", here is the second duty we must do if we want to build empathy; we aren't allowed to focus on other people's problem if we are unable to focus how to calm our emotion first, before we want to be accepted by other people's thinking capacity, so we must ensure whether we can see other people's agreement reaction after we have offered our limited capacity, if we don't worry or fear about other people's reaction, it means we can understand ourselves, that's power of empathy, if we aren't ready to accept other people's thinking capacity, as impact, we must force our limited capacity to accept the pain of disappointment from people's reaction, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.