Limit definition

Write your limited capacity

       Hi good reader, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, I hope you always have the abundance of wealth, health, and happiness, Today I would like to share about the topic "limit definition", the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are able to set their own limited capacity and not many people know how to recognize their own limitation, if you ask me why many people can't recognize their own limitation because they consider life is freedom to live, it is not quite true, if life is freedom, why many people's thoughts are trapped in the circumstance where it can't make people happy, in order to make you happy, you must know about your limitation, here is the meaning of limit definition; the ability to understand about what you can control and accept what you can't control, here are the examples of what you can control; your habit, your attitude, your imagination, your opinion, your decision, your creativity, and your mindset, whereas, here are the examples of what you can't control; other people, time, future, past, the moment of life, the accident, loss, profit, etc. please don't consider that life as freedom if you want to be happy person, only person who has self-delusion can consider life is freedom, life is not about freedom, instead, life is about responsibility, it means, you must know what you do, being ready to accept consequence and you don't regret about what you choose, in order to answer that question, you need to limit your focus, limit your creativity and limit your time in order to create a life design for driving you to live together with your life design in the future, even though Almighty God has authority to put you in anywhere place, Almighty God will do something for you based on what you commit in your life design, if you think life is about responsibility, so you must do something seriously until you are ready to accept any consequence after you have done something in the past.

Limit your time for developing your potential

At this moment, I would like to share some strategies how to develop your own limitation, hopefully these strategies can make a better life, here is the first strategy how to develop your own limitation; you must create a life mission where it can put your focus to do something new every daythe reason why you need to apply this strategy because it can let you know about your potential, remember; without enhancing your focus to the detail target, you will never know how to utilize your potential for better purpose, if we look at reality, many people can't determine their own happiness level because they just want to live a life with their own satisfaction levelhere is the second strategy how to develop your own limitation; you must stay away from something which can distract your focus from doing something more important than your satisfaction level, so you must limit your focus if you want to develop your own limitation, as we know there are many unknown distractions where it is designed to test our focus, such as, Television, radio, vehicle's sound, cellphone's notification, friend's chit cat, etc. remember this; limitation is like your greatest opportunity where it can support you to go anywhere place as you like, if your own potential can't build big opportunity for other people, it indicates, you can't go anywhere place as you like, here is the third strategy how to develop your own limitation; you must create your priority management, the reason why you must apply this strategy because it can prevent you to do something which disturbs your focus and also can prohibit what you shouldn't do, if you know how to prioritize your priority management, your life will live beyond your own limitationI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.